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to paul

Bio – The short version!
  • 6 years as a Fighter Controller / Airspace Battle Manager in the Royal Air Force

  • Started trading shares during the dot-com boom of the 90’s

  • Transitioned across to full-time trading of FX, Indices & Commodities from 2004

  • Traded for Funds and HNWI’s

  • Started Tradingbeliefs in 2006 to support traders in their evolution

  • Started The London Traders Network, Europe’s largest independent Trader Social Network in 2009.

  • Started The Veterans’ Trader Project in 2015 to assist Military Veterans in gaining an educated introduction to financial markets and trading for themselves

  • Provides insight and analysis across various media platforms on markets, trading and trading performance

Trading Beliefs - Paul Wallace
Supporting Traders in their Evolution
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