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February 2016. I’m Coming For You!

Once again an interesting read from my friend Pearse – he always gives a very interesting big picture view of the world and provides plenty of food for thought. It always makes for an interesting chat between Pearse and I (which is normally in a nice Dublin pub over a Guinness or two….trust me it helps the creative process!)

Brown Bear, Ursus arctos horribilis, Cub Playing on a car. (Photo by: Education Images/UIG via Getty Images)

Hi all, hope you all had a good month and profited from the turbulence. Just a quick word to anyone who was on my old e-mail list. Before July of last year I was positive and since then have been decidedly negative on the outlook based on the charts of the main world indices. My blog is a stream of consciousness of mixed up ideas focused on the markets and the hints they give us about the future. The bear above looks cuddly but get out of the car and wait to see how long it will be before papa bear comes along to eat you.

Hopefully next month we will see a Bull but until the charts change and tell us something different we owe it to ourselves to be honest. I…

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