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VTP Stage 2: Swing and longer term trading of FX, Indices & Commodities markets – March 2018

Fellow Traders,

I’ll be running a VTP Stage 2 workshop in London on Thursday & Friday March 22/23rd, with a follow-up day on Friday 18th May. I run this once a year.

This will focus on swing and longer term trading of FX, Indices & Commodities markets (FXIC) This may be of more interest to you if you already have some trading experience. As usual there’ll be a mixture of topics covering the 4M’s of Trading: Markets, Methods, Money & Myself.

It will cover:

  • How to trade using Monthly, Weekly, Daily & 4 Hour charts for swing and longer term positions.

  • Understanding Strength & Weakness within markets and how to use it to your advantage

  • Understanding Strategy, Tactics & Mechanics

  • Developing profitability from existing set-ups

  • Additional trade set-ups and tactics

  • How to manage your trade exposure

  • How to improve the reward to risk ratio for your trades

  • Understanding the true importance of Money Management and Position Sizing

  • Building your own longer term trading plan

  • Developing your own trading business

This will be run over 3 days. The two days in March will focus on trend-following. The day in May will focus on trading reversals. The aim is to develop competency at building a picture, selecting the right instruments, trade management and improving profitability.

It’s run on a small-scale basis. There are presently only 5 slots left. It’s nice to be able to say that on International Womens Day presently 80% of the sign-ups have been female. The cost for the 3 days is £447. This also includes an MT4 Dashboard plug-in to help with trade decisions. It’s on a first-come-first-served basis with Veterans taking the priority for slots.

If you’re interested then reply to this or drop me a line at

Trade well,


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