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Trading Beliefs



  • Inconsistent results?

  • Feeling overwhelmed?

  • Lack of clarity on your trading plan?

  • Having no rules...or breaking the ones you do have?

  • Experiencing extreme stress and pressure?

  • Struggling to make the right decision at the right time?

  • Loss of belief, confidence and discipline?

  • Frustration boiling over into other areas such as work, relationships and finances?

  • Experiencing an overall performance slump?

Are you a trader struggling with the following challenges?

If you are experiencing any of those challenges, then let me help you!


My name is Paul Wallace. My team and I help create a 'Performance Mindset' for individuals who work in competitive, results-driven, zero-sum environments. I am a performance coach and financial trader.


Whilst many of my clients are fellow traders, the ability to create and maintain a 'performance mindset' is applicable to any business or personal discipline.




Many of my clients are Private Traders, differing in backgrounds, experience, account size and trading styles.  However, the factor that links 80% of them is the desire to turn-around their trading performance.  Either they've experienced a large setback, are in a performance slump or just delivering inconsistent results. If I had to sum up my experience of coaching hundreds of retail traders, it's my aim to move them from being 'amateurs with a hobby' towards being a 'professional with a business'.

Institutional Traders

The demands on institutional traders are high and the working environment often detrimental to achieving and maintaining high performance.  Having an objective trader performance coach outside your working environment will ensure you remain balanced, provide focus and accountability, and keep you honest. This comes with unbiased confidential support. Raising your performance levels is the only item on the agenda.

So how can I help you?

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