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  • Are you actually a professional Trader?
    Yes I am, I have many years experience of education and coaching traders but I’m a trader first and foremost.
  • If you’re so good why are you offering to coach and mentor people?
    There are three elements to this. Firstly trading is a lonesome endeavour and you can find yourself cut off and becoming a recluse if you’re not careful! Running courses and coaching folks keeps us from becoming hermits! Secondly in order to teach and coach, we both believe that you have to be at your very best. Standing up in front of people and talking about our trading is an excellent way of maintaining our high standards. Finally there is a psychological benefit from the pocket money we receive from educating people. It means that when we sit down to trade we are trading for opportunity as opposed to trading for money. It may not sound much but believe me that pressure can weigh heavily on ones shoulders.
  • Do you trade what you teach?
    Every day we trade what we teach. You can read our blog and see our trades; the good, the bad and the ugly!
  • But your blog has losing trades; you can’t be very good if you have losing trades?
    Every trader wants to be 100% right all the time. However I’ve yet to meet one who was 100% right every time. We all take losses; unlike most educators we actually place up our losing trades not just the profitable ones. There’s immense benefit to be gained from losing trades. We hope to show that we’re still humans who make mistakes like anyone else. We just work very hard every day to get better and better at our trading.
  • Why would I want to come on your trading days?
    Unlike most other education firms we are traders first. Every session we trade live with our own money in front of the class. How many other educators are prepared to do that? There are plenty who can talk the talk, how many can walk the walk? We can.
  • Your Advanced FX Trading Day says that it’s not for novices, can you define that?"
    Yes, we would expect all individuals who attend the course to have had some experience of trading live FX markets. If you do not then we will not let you attend. Simple.
  • Do you run your events in those big hotel rooms like other firms?
    No. We purposefully keep our room size to no bigger than a dozen people. That way we can get interaction from all involved and it keeps the day small, intimate and focused.
  • What’s the benefit of coaching?
    Whilst we make our manual as trader-friendly as possible we realise that some people accelerate their learning timeline faster with the help of a coach to embed the learning and speed up the process.
  • So what do you teach on your Advanced Day?
    Basically we’re looking at improving a Traders performance in the FX Markets. How does a professional prepare for their trading day? How does a professional execute their daily trade plan (with provision of strategies that we use). Finally how does a professional trader debrief and review their day in order to be a better trader next day. Throw in some lunch and a live trading session and you have the makings of an action packed, educational and enjoyable day which we believe can’t be beat in terms of quality, quantity and value.
  • I’m bored sitting at home all day; can I meet up with other traders?
    If you live in the London area then you’re welcome to come along to our London Traders’ Network social events in Central London. They’re a great chance to meet other traders and combine beer and Fibonacci! You can find the website here.
  • Do you have plans to introduce a signals service?
    No. We have no plans to run with a live trading room or a signals service. Why? Because we’ve both done it before in previous roles. It makes trading become a daily chore, and as soon as that happens then you’re back into the 9-5 rat race!
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