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FX Trader Paul

Whilst Pauls delivers lots of excellent work as an analyst and coach, he is a trader first and foremost.


Pauls enthusiasm for markets became apparent during the 90’s when some Banks in the City of London were looking to hire Air Traffic Controllers to become Traders on their bank floors. The seed was planted in that moment.


As it turns out the study to use Air Traffic Controllers as Traders was, for the most part, a failure. Why? Because whilst controllers and traders have lots of similar skill sets the major element that set them apart was their view, and tolerance of, risk. Air Traffic Controllers by their very nature are enormously cautious and risk-averse.  However Fighter Controllers (which Paul was) have a more advanced role than ATC and actively have to manage risk in a complex, fast-paced, 3-Dimensional environment. It is their ability to drive for an intercept and engage with the enemy, whilst avoiding all other air traffic, is what makes them suitable as traders. Their ability to assess, tolerate and utilise risk provides them an edge as a Fighter Controller and as a trader.


Paul focuses on trading the FX, Indices and Commodities markets (FXIC) usually on a swing-to long-term basis, but with some occasional intra-day trades on an opportunistic basis.


In an effort to discuss his own trading ideas he started writing about them on his FXTrader Paul blog back in 2009 and latterly on the page for the Veterans Trader Project.


Its on those blogs and pages that he comments on the markets, his trades and life in general. This gives people the opportunity to see his take on the market.

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