14/02/2016 Love is in the air (for Yen traders)

Evening all, I trust you’ve all enjoyed a romantic Valentines Weekend. Clearly some of you have not, judging by the high stats of people viewing my site over this weekend! (Or maybe that’s just a new thing for couples to spend a starry-eyed evening watching trading videos? It’s a sad day if it is!)

Anyway talking of love and romance, it’s clear that some of us (including your intrepid scribe) have been enjoying a love affair with the Japanese Yen these last few weeks and months. (Though it might be said that Abe and Kuroda have been experiencing serious heart-break instead!) After this last week of strong moves I did a quick video to summarise what’s been going on.

Right I’m off to watch the season finale of the cracking Deutschland83 series. Take care and enjoy this trading week.

Trade well,


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