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20201221 FXTP Monday Market Update No.11

Hi traders,

Today was the last MMU of the year so we had a quick recap of some of the charts we've covered in the last three months like: The Russell ($IWM) The Financials ETF ($XLF), Peloton ($PTON) Zoom ($ZM) The Emerging Markets ETF ($EEM) Bitcoin ($BTCUSD) Ethereum ($ETHUSD) SHOPIFY ($SHOP) The Online Retailers ETF ($IBUY) The Aviation Sector ETF ($JETS) and the Nikkei ($NIKKEI)

There will be no MMU next Monday, as I'm taking a break. The MMU will restart on Monday 4th January 2021.

Thank-you for your suggestions, feedback and insight this year. I hope you have found the sessions useful. I wish you all a happy, and safe, holiday season!

Trade well,


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