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20210614 FXTP Monday Market Update - Transportation

Hi traders,

Thanks to those of you joining us today. Apologies once again for the internet dropping in and out - very frustrating!

So today we took a look at Michael Burry's Transportation holdings from his recent 13F filing: Genco ($GNK) Golden Ocean Group ($GOGL) and Scorpio Tankers ($STNG) along with Copper Futures ($HG) and the FX STAM plus $USD, $GBP, $NAS, $S&P, $DJI.

If you want to learn more about Michael Burry - his career and what he's looking at then I did a webinar for Admirals last week on his fabulous career and you can watch it here: Admirals Michael Burry

Have a great trading week and I'll see you next Monday at 1230.

Trade well,


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