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Accelerate your progress with the VTP Trading MasterMind Group

Hello traders,

I hope that you’ve had a good year, and are enjoying this market volatility!

I am fortunate to work with traders from all backgrounds, and levels of experiences. Recently we ran the VTP Stage 5 Group supporting traders who are working towards becoming funded traders.  The feedback from this group, and other clients this year, has been interesting. 

The feedback I’ve received has been that whilst people enjoy learning, they find that trading is a lonesome endeavour, and they could do with additional support on their trading journey.  There is clearly a gap between educational courses, and 1-2-1 coaching. 

It is in that gap that a MasterMind Group is being formed for traders who are happy to support, encourage and learn from each other’s experiences, whilst also holding each other accountable to well-defined goals.

You do not need to have to done the VTP Courses (though it may help you). It does not matter how you trade, or whether you’re trading your own funds or working towards becoming funded.

The MasterMind Group is being fashioned to help traders ensure that they instil the bedrock of best practice trading routines.  It will help provide accountability, structure, and progress. The VTP has always been based on 3 fundamental principles which show up again and again in successful traders and investors behaviours: Process, Discipline, and Self-Awareness.

I am always looking to see how we can support traders in their journey in the most cost-effective and valuable way possible. The MasterMind Group will run on a rolling 3 Month commitment. It will include:

  • 12-16 Weekly MasterMind Group Coaching Calls

  • Access to Coaching Clinics

  • Accountability and structure sessions

  • Market Updates and Swing $XAU Signals

  • Bonus: 1 x 45 Min 1-2-1 Coaching Session

The MasterMind Group will start in mid-June 2024 – the early bird cost is £198 for 3 months, reduced from £400. You can take advantage of the early-bird price, and getting to work up your trading practices over the summer months before the high season months later in the year.

It’s fair to say that 2024 has already been a volatile year, and the likelihood is that will only increase based on domestic and geo-political events.

The MasterMind Group will be a way for you to navigate your way through these interesting times in markets.

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