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An unlikely insight into aiding trader performance

It would come as a surprise to many to read an article in the Guardian paper about how traders improve their performance.

To be fair to them they are actually commenting on a new TV show ‘Billions’ which is about the work and lifestyle of some Wall-Street Money Managers.

In particular they focus on the work of Trader Performance Coaches and the impact they can have on helping a trader deliver performance. Take a read at the link below:

Of particular interest is the background information about Ari Kiev. I can heartily recommend his trading books, and those of Brett Steenbarger………if anything they’re too good! They provide so much food for thought that its easy for traders to feel inferior or not up to their standards. That’s not their agenda though – they’re just both highly acclaimed and respected trading performance experts who have a lot to share with us all, regardless of our own level of experience.

If you want to self-coach yourself then I can recommend their books.

Trade well,


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