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Join the VTP in 2020 and evolve into a versatile trader

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Hello traders,

I hope life and the markets are treating you all well. As we draw 2019 to a close we can look back and see that its been an eventful and interesting 2019 from the viewpoint of maret opportunities. Furthermore as we look forward into 2020 we can see more volatility and more uncertainty in geo-politics and financial markets. As always this will provide either a threat or an opportunity based upon attitude and preparedness.

For the last few years I have run the VTP trading sessions in London and I am presently setting my schedule for the VTP trading sessions for 2020. As my diary gets compressed I am looking to deliver the various stages in 2 day workshops (apart from Stage 2 which is 3 Day) with follow-up online sessions. This also makes it easier for the attendees to manage their diary. The VTP was originally set-up to help give Veterans an insight into trading financial markets using three principles that they naturally embrace:

- Process - Discipline - Self-Awareness

It just so happens that those very same traits are also seen in consistently successful traders. All traders can improve by embracing these traits into their trading. As the project has evolved it’s now my intention to create a wider community of  ‘Versatile Traders  which I would define as:

A Versatile Trader has the ability to trade any instrument, in any direction, on any time-frame.

Personally, I think the days of someone just being solely a 5 min EURUSD trader are long gone – a good trader now needs to be able to operate where the best opportunity lies. That could be FX, Indices, Stocks, Commodities, Bonds or Crypto.

That's not to say that a trader may not end up focussing on a particular style, asset class and timeframe as their experience increases, however they should have the ability to operate wherever the opportunity lies.

So with that in mind here are the dates for the VTP Stages 1-4 for 2019. They are delivered in a small group between 6-15. If you want to join a particular stage or to know more then drop me a line.

Stage 1: Introduction to trading and financial markets – 16 & 17th January 2020, London: LTN cost: £297

This is the ideal stand-alone introductory course to trading and financial markets. Over several sessions it provides the building blocks to be able to educate a new trader how to operate safely and effectively within financial markets. By the end of the stage the new trader will understand the 4M’s of Trading: Markets, Methods, Money & Myself. They also develop those three key traits mentioned at the beginning: Process, Discipline & Self-Awareness.

There is no requirement to take any further stages – this is a stand-alone stage that will provide anyone with the fundamental basics of successful trading.

Stage 2: An introduction to longer-term swing and position trading of FX, Indices and Commodities Markets – 19th & 20th March 2020, plus Friday 22nd may: LTN cost £397

Leading on from Stage 1, here we focus on longer term trading of FX, Indices and Commodity markets in-line with how I trade myself and for funds. We provide deeper insight into these markets and additional tactics to help build your own successful longer-term trading business.

Stage 3: An introduction to short-term, intra-day trading of FX & Indices markets – 23rd & 24th July 2020, London: LTN Cost: £397

As the name implies we focus on how to trade FX, European and US Indices from an intra-day basis. Sessions will be based on preparing for your day of intra-day trading of these markets and how to adapt the strategies, tactics and concepts from earlier Stages for intra-day success.

Stage 4: On Managing Myself, Trading Performance and becoming a Money Manager – 19th & 20th November, London : LTN Cost: £397

This stage is split into 2 sections: Half on managing self and the other half on managing money – namely other peoples. You may or may not have dreams of becoming a money-manager however acting as if you are a fund manager is never a bad thing in your own trading business. This whole stage will be focused on what you need to do to build your own trading business that will put you in the right space to be able to seek funding (if that is your wish).

In total it will equate to about 72 hours of us working together over the course of the year. As always there is a cost involved. I am fortunate that I am allowed to use a corporate clients location so that enables me to keep costs to an acceptable level.

Stage 1 has always cost £297. The other stages normally cost £447 but for today if you wish to join one of the stages the cost is £397.

In total to attend all parts of the VTP next year would cost £1488. However for those that wish to attend all of the sessions this year then there is an early bird cost which is reduced to £1200 for the year. There will only be 12 slots free so it’ll be on a first-come, first-served basis, with veterans getting priority.

I wish you every success in your trading for 2020. As I said at the start, this upcoming year can either be a threat or an opportunity for you – it’s about your attitude and being prepared.


‘They have filled in a huge blank in my knowledge. Hopefully now it won’t be 2 step forward, 3 back.’

‘Made me realize that I can do this’

‘The sessions changed my whole understanding, thinking and attitude to trading and my approach to trade, too’

‘An essential course for anyone considering getting into trading. Will definitely save you money and stress in the long run’

‘I’ve recommended already – that’s the best course ever I’ve been involved. The only one course touched somehow my personality ‘

‘Learn the missing ingredients that most retail traders don't even know exist. Push your trading and yourself to the next level.’

‘I would not have attempted trading again without this course. Covering the basics of trading together with money management (how much to place on each trade and what profit targets to aim for)gave me enough confidence to give it another try.’

If you want to know more you can reply to this message or email me at for more information.

Trade well,



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