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New Year New Trader Program - Q3 Webinar 2nd July - Trading Methods

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Hello Traders,

I hope youre safe and well wherever you’ve been spending your lockdown. I also hope your trading has been successful during this tumultuous period we've been going through.

It's time for the next webinar in the New Year New Trader Program – its on Thursday 2nd July and will focus on Trading Methods. Everyone starts a new year with grand goals about it being their best year as a trader – however those plans often fall flat, for many internal and external reasons. A lot of the challenges come from people trying to make massive changes all at once, which are rarely sustainable. Here’s where I’ll be helping you in 2020 with a webinar series to help you build your trading business during 2020.

The New Year, New Trader Program will be a series of 4 webinars this year that will help you make incremental change to your trading by building your skill set and business acumen as a trader over the next 12 months. It’ll be split to ensure that you can understand and cover the 4M’s of Trading this year. Each webinar will explain the best practice within that segment of trading and provide a staged checklist for you to work through for the next 2-3 months.

Webinar 1 – Thursday 23rd January – Q1 2020 – Money Management

Webinar 2 Thursday 2nd April – Q2 2020 – Markets

Webinar 3 – Thursday 2nd July – Q3 2020 – Method

Webinar 4 – Thursday 1st Oct – Q4 2020 – Myself

The cost for the webinar series will be £30 for the year. Each session will be recorded for you and you’ll be provided the slides. It’ll become a small self-coaching program to help you make true progress in 2020 towards your trading goals. If youre joining the webinar sessions here then you will have access to the slides and recordings from previous sessions.

So the Q3 Webinar of New Year New Trader Program will be on Thursday 2nd July at 1900 London Time and will focus on what you need to be working on in July, August and September of 2020 to ensure that you’re engaging markets using the correct Method as a trader. I will explain what you need to know about best practice with your trading methods. I will share some simple methods that you can take away and use in your own trading business.

I look forward to you joining us and I hope to help you take some positives out of the crazy 2020 we’ve had so far!

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