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On Managing Trader Performance and becoming a Money-Manager

Fellow Traders,

Over this last summer I re-read the trading classic Pitbull by Market Wizard Marty Schwartz. I originally read it about 12 years ago and so it was a pleasant re-read. After all these years I was able to take some different messages from Marty’s journey.

I can heartily recommend the book as a good read for traders of all levels. Marty is pretty open about his experiences and the roller-coaster ride he went through.

I was reminded that on the last few pages he references a Pogo cartoon which I myself have used many times: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

Newbie traders may see that cartoon and be wondering what on earth that has to do with trading? Experienced traders nod their head wisely and know instinctively how wise the cartoon is!

The longer you trade the more you realise that it is not the market which is your enemy, it is you. The market is just a mirror the reflects your own strengths, weakness, biases and darker elements of your character!

New traders like to think that they trade in a silo, that all they need is a fool-proof trading strategy that will make money for themselves. However with time and experience you realise that it becomes about understanding yourself better and subsequently managing yourself better than before.

That’s why every year I run a two-day workshop based on helping traders raise their self-awareness about managing themselves as traders. The idea is to start to show them their blind spots so they can start to mitigate the risks to themselves.

It’s also about helping you spot the signs of a possible performance slump, and more importantly what you can do to recover when you’re in one (and trust me, everyone has performance slumps as a trader – if they tell you that they don’t then they’re lying!)

On Managing Self and becoming a Money Manager is aimed at helping you evolve in your trading towards professional status, whilst building your own trading business.

It will consist of:

– 2 x full days on 22nd & 23rd November in Central London

– 1 x follow-up online session

For a total of 18 hours working together

It’ll will be split into 2 sections namely: Half on managing self and the other half on managing money – namely other people’s. You may or may not have dreams of becoming a money-manager, however acting as if you are a fund manager is never a bad thing in your own trading business. It holds you to a higher standard in your own behaviour. This whole stage will be focused on what you need to do to build your own trading business that will put you in the right space to be able to seek funding (if that is your long-term aim).

So as always there’s a cost implication: the cost for this stage will be £397. However for viewers of this blog or members of the London or Dublin Traders Network I will be offering a reduced price of £347 for the 2 days.

There are 4 slots left and as always it’s on a first-come, first-served basis. If you’re interested or want to know more then drop me a line.

Trade well,


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