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Paul's Market Update returns! Monday 12th October 1230

Hello traders,

During the first lockdown I delivered a Daily Market Update to help people make sense of the madness that we were going through. It was well received, and I've had many requests to bring it back.

However the truth is that on occasions it would add up to an additional three hours of work per session and it’s too much work every day unless it was a paid service.

So, what I will bring back is a Monday Market Update every Monday at 1230 starting from the 12th October. Like last time we’ll take a quick 20-30-minute look at relevant news, interesting stock plays and a look at the FX, Indices and Commodities markets. Put it in your diary!

All are welcome, you can just join us on this link below.

Trade well, and I hope to see you on Monday.

Meeting ID: 816 4347 4266

Passcode: 786651

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