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Process, Process, Process -And on building your Inner Coach

Sorry I’ve not posted for a while – it’s been a busy 4-6 weeks and I’ve had a lot on.

To be fair I post quick pieces on the Veterans Trader Project FB page – if you want to join it then drop me a line and let me know.

Anyway back to trading. I am indebted to ‘Walter White’ (@BreakingOutBad) for a tweet that drove me towards this TedX clip. (His twitter feed is very good and well worth following.)

It’s aimed at teenagers and is about Sports coaching – in particular using College Basketball. Nevertheless I think it’s a great piece and very relevant to Trading. Many of you will have heard me banging on about checklists and process for years now. This guys explains the rationale well and also expands to cover other interesting topics all to do with helping to manage yourself.

Interestingly one of the comments from the other traders at one of the funds I worked at was that they never could tell if I was up or down on the day, because my behaviour and attitude was just the same. I am always reminded of this great quote from the Ryder Cup Golfer Darren Clarke “ let your attitude determine the game…don’t let the game determine your attitude” which once again, whilst being from sports, has real validity to trading.

Anyway enjoy the clip – and take some time to reflect on your own processes, and on how you speak to yourself.

Trade well,


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