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The London Traders Network Social Events in 2020

Hello traders,

I hope you’ve had a fabulous year of trading these wonderful markets. As we run into the last 4-6 weeks of the year, I am sure there will be some more wonderful market events. As always, it’s down to you whether you see them as a threat or an opportunity! (And if you need help with that then may I suggest you join the VTP in 2020 to help you prepare for the upcoming opportunities.)

To help you with your planning for 2020 I am releasing all the dates for the 2020 London Traders Network Social Drinks Events.

For those of you totally new to the LTN then the Social beer-call is just that. A chance for you to get out from behind your screens and come for a beer and a chat about trading. It's not for selling anything - it’s a beer-call by traders, for traders. That's it - pure and simple. All are welcome whether you've traded for 2 weeks or 2 decades. This is a social event - it's not a commercial event - there's no up-sell or introductions to brokers or education companies. It's a get together for traders, by traders.

Here's the dates for 2020, put them in your diary!

The London Traders Network January 2020 Social Event – Wednesday January 15th

The London Traders Network March 2020 Social Event – Wednesday March 18th

The London Traders Network May 2020 Social Event – Wednesday May 20th

The London Traders Network July 2020 Social Event – Wednesday July 22nd

The London Traders Network September 2020 Social Event – Wednesday September 23rd

The London Traders Network November 2020 Social Event - Wednesday November 18th

Now you have no excuse not to prioritise your diary to spend some time with other traders. Remember no-one understands your journey like another trader, so come along and have a beer and share some war-stories with other traders.

Trade well,


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