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The Q2 Online Trading Tactics Workshop Part 1 - Saturday 21st May

Hello traders,

Its been an eventful 2022 so far - and I believe the second half of 2022 will be equally volatile. In which case it's time for the next Online Traders Workshop to help you turn threat into opportunity.

In this session we are progressing onto Trading Tactics. Lets face-it, as traders we all enjoy learning about new trading methods. You ask, we deliver!

This next Online Traders Workshop is a 2 part event, each running for 2-3 hours. Part 1 on Saturday 21st May at 1000 is on Trading Trends. Part 2 on Saturday 18th June, will be on Trading Reversals.

We'll focus on providing a range of Trading Tactics that you can take home and utilise in your own trading.

The cost is £47 for the 2 events. They will also be recorded and you'll receive all the slides, so if you're unable to attend on the day you can still get access to the teachings. You can purchase here on the site through paypal. Or contact me direct for a different payment method.

I look forward to seeing you at the event.

Trade well!

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