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29th Nov - FXTP Monday Market Update - well, that was an interesting Black Friday wasn't it?

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Hi Traders,

Thanks to those of you who joined us today for the MMU. We had lots to cover after the moves of last week, and the reversals of this morning.

We covered: FX STAM, IAG ($IAG) EuroStoxx 50 ($EU50) Palladium Futures ($PA) Pfizer ($PFE) and Moderna ($MRNA). Along with the usual suspects of: $DJIA, $NAS, $IWM, $S&P, $FTSE, $DAX, $NIKKEI, $USD, $DXY, $GBP, $CHF, $JPY.

Remember that VTP Stage 5: Transitioning to Funded Trader starts 2nd week of January and you can learn more here: VTP Stage 5

Have a great trading week, and I’ll see you next Monday at 1230.

Trade well,


You can still join the VTP and access the Online Stage 1 Introductory Traders Course

Our preferred broker is Admirals

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