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Developing Longer Term Trading Ability

Fellow Traders,

Some of you may know that I’ve been running a trading project to help Veterans re-train and give them a start in Financial markets. The longer-term plan will be to help young guys and girls who’ve been injured in recent conflicts by providing them with an opportunity to do something new and challenging.

Stage 1 of this course was aimed at people who had very little experience of trading or financial markets. Its aim being to generate routine, risk management and good behaviors from the outset. It’s based on the recurring traits of good traders: process, discipline and self-awareness.

I’m now ready to run the Stage 2 sessions for 2017 which will focus on longer term trading of FX, Commodities & Indices markets. This may be of more interest to you if you already have some trading experience. As usual there’ll be a mixture of topics covering the 4M’s of Trading: Markets, Methods, Money & Myself.

It will cover:

– Understanding the behaviour of FX markets and how to use it to your advantage

– Understand how to start using simple options to build positions for longer term trades

– Developing profitability from existing set-ups

– Additional trade set-ups and tactics

– How to improve the reward-to-risk ratio for your trades

– A simple mechanical end of day position trading strategy

– Understanding the true importance of money management and position sizing

– Building your own longer term trading plan

– Developing your own trading business

Like the Stage 1 this will run for 5 sessions over 5 months with a mixture of trading floor and online sessions in a building block approach. The aim is to develop competency at building a picture, selecting the right instruments, trade management and improving profitability.

I only run one of these courses a year. The aim is to run the first trading floor session on Friday 19th May. The sessions will run for 5 months and will also include plugins for the platform. The cost will be £447 for the 5 months of working together. Previous members of the project will tell you that the sessions are real value for money. It’s on a first-come-first-served basis with Veterans taking the priority for slots.

If you’re interested then reply here or drop me a line at

Trade well,

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