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The Q2 Online Traders Forum - Trading Strategies

It's time for the next Online Traders Forum. In our previous session we focussed primarily on building good trading plans for the year ahead.

In this session we are progressing onto Trading Methods. Let’s face-it, as traders we all enjoy learning about new trading methods. You ask, we deliver!

This next Online Traders Forum on Saturday 27th April we’ll focus on providing a range of Trading Methods that you can take home and utilise in your own trading.

I have a been a big proponent for the creation of “Versatile Traders” namely someone who has the ability to trade any instrument, in any direction, on any timeframe. Whilst a trader may look to focus their efforts on certain instruments and timeframes I firmly believe that you should have the setups and the ability to trade in a Versatile manner in order to stay ahead of ever-changing markets.

With that in mind we have our usual three speakers talking about versions of their own trading methods and styles. It promises to be educational and enjoyable.

Kevin Barry of the TIC will be covering “Trading The 5-Minute Chart”

Hourly bars are for wimps. Let's get down to the real business of intraday trading FX and indices on the 5-minute chart.

Time is too short for trend-following. Intraday price action is characterised by frequent price reversals, where the greatest trading opportunities are to be found. But how do we trade these sweet spots without losing our shirt? Because we know in advance the levels at which there is a high probability of a price reversal. And we know how to identify trend exhaustion. And we know if and when we're wrong very quickly so our stops are very tight.

In this fast-moving session, Kevin of TIC will be demonstrating his technique for trading intraday price reversals with predefined stop-loss and profit targets. Intraday trading has never been so relaxing.

'Intra-Day Trend Trading'

Martin Walker of will explain how he approaches any market or time-frame looking for trend trades, including his chart setup; how to scan for potential trends; what to look for and how to filter out the best setups; how to nail the context of the potential trade; what the trigger is and how to trade his Trend Trade setup - the rules!; PLUS his additional special filter to increase the probability of having a profitable trade. Simples!

Paul Wallace from Trading Beliefs will be taking the other side from Martin – whereas Martin will focus on trend trading Paul will be focusing on mean-reversion trading, and in particular the ways he identifies opportunities to trade reversals at the right time and place on the charts. He’ll demonstrate his favourite pattern he’s looking for, and how he looks to manage the trade to ensure a good reward:risk rate for his trades.

So that’s three hours of trading strategies for you to digest and employ.

The session will also be recorded and you’ll have access to the slides and recordings post event. All for the price of £47- a veritable bargain! You Can purchase a ticket here:

(If you're unable to attend the date you can still purchase a ticket and receive access to the slides and recordings of the sessions.)

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