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Traders Networking Drinks

Nice to get an independent write-up of the London Traders Network Drinks events.

I have always been very clear- the LTN is just a social beer call to come along and have a beer and a chat with other traders. Trading is a lonesome endeavour and no-one else understands your journey quite like another trader.

What has given me great pleasure over the years is to see the strength of friendships that have been formed by people who regularly attend. There have developed some buddy-buddy coaching partnerships from meeting at the event. There have also been numerous opportunities created for others.

As with all of these events – you get out of it what you put in. You’ll find everyone is very friendly and happy to chat about their experiences – the good ones and the challenging ones. You soon realise that your circumstances are not unique and that there’s a whole community of likeminded souls out there.

You can be kept up to date on locations and dates by joining the meetup group:

Thanks again George.

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