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Last chance to join VTP Stage 5 - Group Coaching Journey to Funded Trader Status

I hope you've had a fabulous festive period. As we are now returning to markets now is a chance to create the next evolution in your trading journey. This month we have the start of VTP Stage 5 - Group Coaching Journey to Funded Trader Status

It’s a sad statement that most private retail traders are under-capitalised for their own goals and expectations. This leads towards over-sizing positions, or attempting to hit home-runs on every trade. It leads to a real “Hero-or-Zero” mentality, which rarely ends well for the trader as they chase outsized returns.

The Trading Industry has recognised this, hence the recent proliferation of Trader Funding companies or Prop-Shops, which look to offer funding for successful traders, in return for a fee, and passing a trading performance challenge.

These tests usually revolve around the trader generating a double-digit return in a month (or over several months) with the trader then being funded to a level dependent on their initial purchase. The funding increases as, and if, their performance continues.

To be fair, it’s a model that can really benefit some traders, if they are prepared for the challenge of a) delivering such returns and b) trading Other People’s Money (OPM).

However, far too many people ‘crash and burn’ because they are not prepared in any way for the challenge. Or they pass the initial challenge and then blow-up when trading other people’s funds at a size that they are not used to.

This is where the VTP Stage 5 comes into play. It’s a 12-week group coaching initiative that will help support traders overcome their funding challenges, and help prepare those who are considering taking such a challenge.

It will consist of 12 weekly Coaching Calls from January to March 2022 providing education, insight and support on winning your challenges, and developing your trading business. As always, it’ll be based on the foundations of the 4M’s of Trading.

You’ll also receive 90 minutes of 1-2-1 coaching as part of the group in order to tighten up your own trading approach.

By the end of the 12-week sessions you’ll have: - An understanding of the Prop Shop/ Trader Funding landscape and Business Models- Greater understanding of whats required to both pass and maintain your funded account.

- Insight into whether your own trading method will help or hinder you in a funded account world- Greater knowledge of your own strengths and weaknesses as a trader and fund manager.

- The creation of your own Personal Trading Plan to pass your challenge- Learning how to manage yourself in order to maintain good performance.

- Creation of your own Buddy-Buddy Trader Support Networks to help you in your journey.

- Chance to meet and hear from traders who are already operating as Funded traders.

As always there's a cost implication. For the VTP Stage 5 the cost in future will be £750 to join. However as this is the first one, I am offering a discount of £255 to members of the VTP and London Trader Network. The cost will therefore be £495 for the 12 week course.

Furthermore, the best student on the course will have their Trading Challenge funded by me, and also receive an additional 4 x 60 min coaching calls to help them (worth approx. £800).

The group will only be 4-8 people and it will be based on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want to talk to us about it then contact me at to register your interest.

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