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The VTP Stage 3 : Introduction to Intra-day trading - now available online!

The VTP Stage 3 Online Course provides an educated introduction to intra-day trading of financial markets. Join us today as you take your next steps on your trading journey.

Hello traders,

The Veterans Trader Project was created in order to help give veterans an educated introduction to financial markets.

It has since expanded into a series of courses that cover: swing trading, intra-day trading, improving performance, and managing money for anyone looking to engage with financial markets.

Stage 1: Introduction to trading and financial markets

This is a stand-alone stage that will provide anyone with the basics of how to analyse, trade, manage-risk and improve as a trader.

Stage 2: An introduction to longer-term trading of FX, Indices and Commodities Markets

Stage 3: An introduction to short-term, intra-day trading of FX & Indices markets

Stage 4: On Managing Myself, Trader Performance, and becoming a Money Manager

All stages of the VTP leverage the acknowledged attributes of great traders and veterans alike: Process, Discipline and Self-Awareness.

The new Online VTP Stage 3 Course is now available. It focuses on providing an educated introduction to intra-day trading of the FX, Indices and Commodities markets. It will provide you with:

•Access to an in-depth Online Trading Course (approx. 18 hours of education)

•9 Set-ups (with more being added)

•2 x Weekly Coaching Call starting 6th June 2023 (which is what most people find the most useful)

•Tuesday Morning FX Session Review

•Tuesday afternoon US Indices Session

Presently we're offering a whopping 40% early bird reduction from £495 price (excl. local VAT)for new traders to join us.

The VTP was always designed for everyone - allowing traders to build their knowledge and experience in an accessible manner.

Join us today on your trading journey: VTP Stage 3 Online Intra-Day Course

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